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Professional Mobile Hair Stylist for Your Tampa Wedding

Professional Mobile Hair Stylist Tampa WeddingNo day is more glamorous than your wedding! That means you want a hairdresser who can make your visions reality. You need a hair stylist who can make you feel as gorgeous as you are, while also keeping you picture perfect all day. Fortunately, in the Tampa Bay area, professional hair stylist Paula Hecknast of City Lights Beauty Agency is just a phone call away! Let City Lights Beauty Agency provide onsite hairdressers to pamper you during the most memorable experience of your life.

Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

Part of being a bride is dreaming about how you will look on your wedding day. Bringing those dreams to life where things get tricky. Nowadays, there are so many different styling options for brides to consider. One thing is for sure, in the Tampa area, your hair must look fabulous as well as resist the heat and humidity. Your wedding hair will underpin your entire look that you have created with your makeup and gown.

Long Hairstyles by Mobile Hairdresser

For long hair, the updo is the contemporary style. However, some brides feel certain updo styles are not modern enough. Discuss your updo choices with your hairdresser, as many modern styles are available to choose from.

Professional Wedding Hair Stylist for Short Hair

Professional Mobile Hair Stylist for Your Tampa WeddingThere are many modern choices for short wedding hair styles from such as a pixie cut or a short bob. The advantage of these beautiful styles is they keep the focus on your gown. You can also consider including some hair accessories such as a tiara or flowers to complete the look. Be sure to discuss and present the accessories to your hair stylist so they may help incorporate them into your look! Of course, you can always consider extensions if you would like that longer hair look.

Half-Up Styles for Weddings

Maybe you’re unsure whether to wear your hair up or down? In that case, you may feel more comfortable with the half updo. Be sure that this style suits your facial structure, typically women’s faces will look larger when they choose this hairstyle.

Professional Stylist on Wearing Your Hair Down for Your Wedding

Professional hairdressers, wedding hairdressers and all stylists in between agree; wearing your hair down is a magnificent style choice, particularly if you have long hair. It is comfortable and light, however having your hair down means it is almost impossible to keep the style shape throughout the day. Particularly in the Florida humidity during an outside ceremony.

Mobile Wedding Hairdresser for Medium Length Hairstyles

Professional Mobile Hair Stylist Tampa WeddingYou can wear your hair up in a classic twisted knot, updo or down. There are many options for medium length hair during weddings. For best results, be sure to keep your hair healthy and maintained during the weeks before the wedding. If you need assistance, a mobile wedding hairdresser is an excellent option. They can be onsite anytime to meet your flexible and hectic wedding schedule.

Mobile Wedding Hairdresser Cost

Contact City Lights Beauty Agency for additional details or quotes! We would be honored to make your special day perfect!

5 Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hair Color with A Professional Wedding Hair Stylist

If you plan on coloring, lightening, or darkening your hair before your wedding, you need to consider a few factors. You want a color that is dark enough to look magical under flash photography. However, you want it to look great during your honeymoon and the following weeks!

These are 5 tips for planning your hair color from a professional wedding hair stylist.

  1. Contact your hairdresser at least 3 months before your wedding day. Optimally, you will need a few appointments to consult and decide on your hairstyle and color.
  2. Always bring all hair accessories to your meetings with your hair stylist. Knowing the accessories will help the stylist decide the best aesthetic route for your hair color and style.
  3. Be sure any color, highlights or lowlights are done one week before the wedding. You want the color to adhere to the hair so that it can look its best.
  4. Never shampoo your hair within 2 days of it being color treated or else you risk stripping the color off. Let the hair color settle for 2 days, then use color-safe shampoo.
  5. Finally, be sure your hair is healthy and moisturized to make color pop. To do so, be sure you keep your hair conditioned with sulfate free shampoo.

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